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Explanation of Athletic Accident Insurance Benefits 2014-2015

When a student is injured during an extracurricular activity related to school, it can be a very confusing and stressful time.  The following is step-by-step information for understanding the steps that need to be taken with the school as well as navigating the insurance process.

STEP 1 - Report the injury to your coach / supervisor as quickly as possible.

Most injuries are immediately handled by the coach, athletic trainer, or supervisor on duty.  However, some students have less obvious injuries and do not report them until a much later date.  Doing so may jeopordize the insurance companies ability to pay.

STEP 2 - Read all of the following information about how the school's secondary insurance policy works

Polk County Schools carries a limited secondary insurance policy on all of its students.  This policy is designed to pick up where your primary insurance ends.  The secondary policy carried by the school is limited in nature, so be sure to review exactly what is covered.
Polk County Schools has purchased the "High Option" plan for each of its students.  Please review what that covers in the link above.

STEP 3 - Fill out the claim forms and mail them to K&K Insurance Group

Be sure to attach the following to the claim forms:
  • Explanation of Benefits from primary provider (if applicable)
  • Copy of medical bills
Keep one copy for your records and send the rest to the following address:
        1712 Magnavox Way
        P.O. Box 2338
        Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2338