SMART Period

Polk County High School is committed to the academic growth of ALL students who attend.  We believe every child deserves teachers dedicated to helping students overcome obstacles and continue to grow.  As a result, we believe in carefully monitoring student progress and being responsive to student's individual learning needs. We also believe in building positive relationships with students and parents that empower students to meet challenges head on.

SMART Period is a tool created to help carry out these beliefs. Teachers will be choosing students to attend, and they will be charged with remediating and enriching students in their classes.


  1. SMART period will replace Advocate, in our master schedule; however, students will still be assigned to their Advocate teacher, and Advocates will meet at scheduled times. The meetings will be scheduled as needed to disseminate information and for assemblies, PEP rallies, and class meetings.

  2. Teachers will work to identify students through core, standards-based instruction who may benefit from more individualized instruction.  Once identified, SMART period provides a regularly scheduled and protected time to provide this individualized instruction.


SMART Period Schedule


1st Period  - 8:00-9:25

SMART Period - 9:30-10:00

2nd Period - 10:05-11:30

3rd Period - 11:35-1:30

1st Lunch - 11:35-12:03

2nd Lunch - 12:10-12:38

3rd Lunch - 12:45-1:13

4th Period - 1:35-3:00


SMART Period  - 8:00-8:30

1st Period - 8:35-10:00

2nd Period - 10:05-11:30

3rd Period - 11:35-1:30

1st Lunch - 11:35-12:03

2nd Lunch - 12:10-12:38

3rd Lunch - 12:45-1:13

4th Period - 1:35-3:00


  1. There will be two groups of students who will attend an assigned SMART period.

    1. Students who need remediation and relooping of standards not mastered on assessments and through core instruction

    2. Students who demonstrate a mastery of core standards and need to be given enrichment opportunities to more fully develop their understanding of standards

What (are Teachers/Students going to do)?

  1. Teachers will use SMART period to

    1. Identify and remediate students who struggle with concepts in class

    2. Create opportunities for enrichment for students who are excelling.

  1. The logistics are as follows:

    1. Monday - 1st period students can be assigned to 1st period SMART period.

    2. Tuesday - 2nd Period has priority

    3. Wednesday - Teacher collaboration/meetings (7:40-8:25)

    4. Thursday - 3rd Period has priority

    5. Friday - 4th Period has priority

  2. There will be a standardized way for each teacher to assign SMART periods for each class.

  3. On Wednesdays, from 7:30 - 8:25, time will be earmarked for teachers to meet in order to discuss content and educational best practices.

  4. For students who are not assigned to SMART period with a teacher, they have the option of reporting on one of three zones:

    1. Gym - Student socialization

    2. Cafeteria - Student socialization

    3. Media Center - Study Hall

SMART FAQ Website Doc

Can students who are not assigned to SMART period on a given day request to attend?

Yes. Students can approach their teachers to request assignment to SMART period for the day.

Can my student check out of school during SMART period?

No. We are committed to the fidelity of the SMART period design, and, as a result, we are going to adhere to the attendance requirement during this period.